Project 02


This project started the day I built a portal to another world with my two sons, Nor and Vidar, aged 7 and 8 years.
A world of stories. Stories about life, old cheese sandwich, death, robbery, love and baby birds.
Curiosity and imagination are good friends. When they hook up, we find the most amazing things in the streets of Copenhagen. Or under the city, down in the lakes, deep in the parks, on the train.  Everywhere there are opportunities for finding stories or just cool stuff.
Things that city people, aliens, orcs, knights, pirates, monsters and girls have lost, thrown away, or left behind for us to find and tell stories to each other about why this particular necklace is right here.
A button is not just a button. A sailor lost it when he went ashore... he was fed up with life at sea, opened a pub on Nørrebrogade, and started drinking lots of beer... or a ring may be the evidence of a terrible crime.

© 2019 by Marc Fluri